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The concept of social responsibility also includes that we have to commit ourselves and our institutions do their part and always taking into consideration that our employees are the most important assets and represents us in front of the customer and the community. Therefore, We seek to ensure that their behavior and actions commensurate with the international principles and practices in the area of social responsibility for companies and individuals, and we recognize their potential and works to develop them by training to raise the level of their performance and enable them to provide more creativity and loyalty for the Group.

Our commitment to our employees:
Our employees are the basis of our success. From this point of view, our concern is to develop their theoretical knowledge, raise their experiences and practical skills and continue their progress of performance in order to boost their potential talents.

Our commitment to our community:
We believe that our success is measured by the progress of our society. From here comes our concern and emphasis on adopting and applying the best practices and international standards with regard to strategies of institutional commitment to the community.

Our commitment to the highest standards:
Integrity and transparency are the substance upon which our policy in the field of management was established. This enabled us to increase the capacity of control and internal control, and raise the work efficiency at the same time, as well as to ensure the integration of roles and the ideal investment of human and material resources that are available.

AL RAJHI INT. HOLDING GROUP FOR INVESTMENT is committed to work with the highest standards. We work to apply these standards. This allows us to get ISO and ALHSP certificates in all our sectors.

Our commitment to our environment:
We are working hard to keep the environmental impact and negative effects of our activities at a minimum limit. This thing we achieved by subjecting our projects to environmental studies, applying the systems that provide for the preservation of the environment and adopting the latest advances in modern technology.