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AL RAJHI for Hajj & Umrah
AL RAJHI for Hajj & Umrah 9/17/2014 5:02:54 PM
Al Hajj is a religious duty. Able Muslim has to do it once in his life, travels from his country leaving his family and bears the difficulties of traveling and moving between crowded places.

Ignorance and poverty prevents many Muslims from doing hajj. The ignorance appeared in scientific and dogmatic fields which lead to appearances of polytheism, sins and contravention to some devotions. While poverty spread over many parts in the Kingdom.

It turns from Abd Almohsen ben Saleh Al Rajhi (its license 700 hajji ) into Aldeyafa international company in 1428(its license 3500 hajji). Abd Almohsen ben Saleh Al Rajhi is the manger. The new name of the company for this year is Al Rajhi for the services of internal hajjis. Its main targets are helping Muslims to do the religious duty and offering food in best days of the year.