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Al Rajhi opens the first of Abu Shakra Restaurants in Riyadh
Al Rajhi opens the first of Abu Shakra Restaurants in Riyadh 9/7/2014 2:00:16 AM
(Al Rajhi) opens the first of Abu Shakra Restaurants in Riyadh, :
Mr. Naif bin Abdul Mohsen Saleh Al Rajhi, CEO of Al Rajhi Group International Holdings to invest for the newspaper he Said to Okaz Al Rajhi Group came into existence as one of the fruits of the Renaissance comprehensive development taking place in our beloved Kingdom, the food sector one of the arms task group, which includes a number of leading brands in the food and manufacturing food which companies Shami Restaurants , Abu Shakra Restaurants , Qaddura Restaurants of fish, and Shami Food Factories Sky Centre Center of, entertainment, and as is well known that the Saudi market is the first among his peers in the Gulf region and the Middle East, we raised investment in this vital sector, which feed the economy by the ability of of income as one of the operating segments, services, and also that every privacy, we can say that the privacy of this investment is the quality and evoke discrimination provided new acceptable with attention to quality and uniqueness in the areas of health, said: our continued Progress the best services to our customers who are Our foundation and partners in the success we started to work hard to expand our investments where we opened a branch company restaurants Shami and Abu Shakra restaurant company in Medina, and now we've opened the first of our branches in Riyadh, King Abdullah Road to the intersection of the Supreme.
He said we exist branches of Restaurants Abu Shakra in Jeddah for more than twenty years we have made the breakthroughs and successes of several by providing menus Oriental meet the needs of the client in a manner refined and distinct, and these successes was the motivation for us in thinking about horizontal expansion and keep pace with the evolution and rapid growth witnessed in the Kingdom.
He stressed that the opening of the restaurant Abu Shakra in Riyadh will be followed, God willing, open a branch in the region of Central and Eastern Region as we started actually in the processing branches to be opened soon to Shami restaurants and Qaddura restaurants fish relying on God first and then on the Staff of the human who has been training and rehabilitation, both within the company or accredited training institutes which provide us with a Saudi cadres and empowered this as a call for Saudi youth to engage in this vital area important
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